A smooth discovery

How it all began? Simply like this: an inventive, smart German Pharmacist, who searched something against his psoriasis – that is the source of the SENSiLINE products with Meristem-Extract. First it was an ointment, then a skin care line and finally Hans Mast founded the company Inter-Derma-Cosmetic (IDC), which successfully works meanwhile with Meristem-products for almost 40 years: Dermatological skin care exclusively Made in Germany.

Meristem-Extract is a bioactive plant based ingredient that is extracted through a special process from the roots of young oak trees. Generally, meristems can be found in all plants at the ends of the shoots as well as at the ends of the roots: growth by cell division can happen here. Our Meristem-Extract is obtained from oaks and is the key ingredient of most SENSiLINE products. It strengthens the resistibility of the skin and is therefore suitable to take care of sensitive skin.

Meristem-Extract has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. It promotes healing of damaged and irritated skin. Quite remarkable is the rapid control of itching and irritated skin. Neither the natural defence mechanism nor the regenerative processes of the skin are inhibited. Having no side effects – even to the mucous membranes – Meristem-Extract ensure optimal compatibility, especially with very sensitive skin. Meristem-Extract is ideal for use in skin care preparation, especially those intended for long term use.