Customer stories

Our skin care products possibly help you as well.

“For centuries after having discovered Meristem-Extract for myself, I am using SENSiBAR® and SENSiCARE®. I am still completely satisfied, because both are pleasant for my “psoriatic” skin and I can highly recommend them for people with dry and extremely dry skin, like psoriasis and neurodermatitis / atopic eczema. SENSiCARE® Night Cream I am using by the way in winter times, when my skin is more demanding, also for the body or at parts of it which are especially dry.”

Hans Mast (Pharmacist)

“I made wonderful experiences with SENSiGARD® Intensive Skin Cream. It is simply ideal for my dry facial skin. My skin looks smoother and feels supple. Yes, I am receiving now even more compliments from girlfriends and well-known people. I recommended one mother, who’s child has neurodermatitis SENSiGARD® Baby Cream and she enthusiastic”

Ulrike Kast (Midwife)

“I am struggling for a long time with neurodermatitis and allergic skin reactions, and I can say, that the SENSiGARD® Baby Cream relieves the symptoms. I simply have the feeling, that it helps me.”

Pauline H. (Student)